Project: Lemon-Champagne Bars with Strawberry Brulee

Ginny‘s selection for this week’s Project Pastry Queen challenge is Lemon-Champagne Bars with Strawberry Brulee. If you have any questions, tips, advice, etc., leave it in the comments here.

And come back on Sunday and leave the link to your blog post to show us your take on the dessert!

7 Responses to “Project: Lemon-Champagne Bars with Strawberry Brulee”

  1. I’ll be able to do this week’s recipe based on the limited amount of supplies the recipe requires. My torch is even accessible at the top of a box that hasn’t been taped shut 🙂

  2. I made these earlier in the summer, and I didn’t think they were super lemony – I will probably add more lemon juice and zest to the curd.

  3. I’m not going to be able to do this one since I just baked 6 dozen for Cupcake Camp today and, as shocking as it sounds, can’t look at any more sweets. Looking forward to next week’s challenge!

  4. I just posted mine… turned out well… I would forgo the brulee topping next time…

  5. Maybe I should have cooked my longer it seemed a little runny but we all really loved the crust.


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