Project: Muchas Leches Cake with Sugared Almonds

Danmy’s selection for this week’s Project Pastry Queen challenge is Muchas Leches Cake with Sugared Almonds.  If you have any questions, tips, advice, etc., leave it in the comments here.

And come back on Sunday and leave the link to your blog post to show us your take on the cake!

3 Comments to “Project: Muchas Leches Cake with Sugared Almonds”

  1. Hi! So I made this for Superbowl Sunday yesterday – haven’t had a chance to do the blog yet but wanted to leave some comments:

    1) For some reason, in making the sugared almonds, there was a higher egg whites:sliced almond ratio than I anticipated. That combined with a smaller baking sheet resulted in my baking the almonds close to 40-50 minutes (rather than the 10 min in the book). There was no way my almonds could have toasted in such a short amount of time – WAY too wet. I had to take the tray out every 10 min or so to give the almonds a good stir to make sure it browned evenly.

    2) DRENCH the cake with the sauce – might even want to consider dunking the whole layer in the liquid. I was a little more conservative and brushed it on but by the time I served it, all the liquid absorbed and it was still a tad dry with no trace of the dulce de leche sauce – quite sad as it definitely didn’t taste as good as it could have.

    Happy baking! Can’t wait to see what everyone else’s cakes look like!

  2. I couldn’t make it, sorry, with Valentine’s Day weekend and some other stuff taking my time, but I already told my brother and my boyfriend about it and they’re making me do it, since we all love tres leches and anything with dulce de leche. I think my readers will love it as well, I just need to get the time to buy the ingredients and bake it!

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