Project: Mars Pies

Shawnda’s selection for this week’s Project Pastry Queen challenge is Mars Pies. If you have any questions, tips, advice, etc., leave it in the comments here.

And come back on Sunday and leave the link to your blog post to show us your take on the dish!

6 Responses to “Project: Mars Pies”

  1. 1) the cookie dough is crazy soft, be prepared to stick it in the fridge before rolling.
    2) the 1/2 envelope of extra gelatin is crazy annoying. You’ll have a ton of marshmallow leftover as it is so consider:
    – reducing the marshmallow recipe by 1/3
    – using both packs of gelatin and making a small dish of marshmallows for s’mores.
    – whip the marshmallows for 2-3x as long to get them cooler and thicker, otherwise it’s too thin to stay on the cookie
    – I transferred to a ziploc bag, snipped off the corner, piped a dollop of marshmallow onto the cookie, and shoved it in the fridge to harden. The rest I squeezed into a greased pan for later enjoyment 🙂
    3) I’m skipping the ganache filling. I personally think that’s just asking for trouble 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting these tips, Shawnda! I’m finally back home and able to get into my own kitchen this week, and these were a little scary looking to me. haha (But I’m still excited to eat them.)

  3. Here’s the link to my recipe, which will be live early Sunday morning:

    One thing I forgot until I was just typing the recipe – the recipe in the book does not make a true moon pie (a sandwich cookie). But there’s actually enough dough there to get 12 3-inch circles and make 6 full sandwich cookies. I did add an extra 1/2 cup of flour at first because the dough was so soft… and then I decided that it needed to be refrigerated before rolling. But I still had scraps of dough leftover after that.

  4. Talk about heaven! Thanks again for your tips, Shawnda! Here’s my link to today’s recipe:

  5. OMG these cookies look amazing!!! I’m so sad I missed it – just go back from a two-week vacay. Definitely need another wildcard week soon so I can make them!


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