Project: Bananas Foster Shortcakes

Emily’s choice for this week’s challenge is: Bananas Foster Shortcakes. If you have any questions, tips, advice, etc., leave it in the comments here.

And come back on Sunday and leave the link to your blog post to show us your take on the dish!

10 Responses to “Project: Bananas Foster Shortcakes”

  1. I’ll be a couple days late – my store had only green bananas 😦

  2. Me too, Shawnda. I made the recipe this morning and the shortcakes were a bust. The sauce was AMAZING! I’m going to retry after I buy some more heavy whipping cream. Suggestions anyone? They tasted more like sugar cookies and were so flat.

    • I’m posting in just a few minutes, but I agree, the shortcakes are flat flat flat! Only a 1/2 inch or so tall. That said, I did like them like that; I just used them as a base instead of splitting them like biscuits.

  3. Alright everyone, here it is! Great recipe!! A few notes:

    – The biscuits came out very flat, but I liked them that way and used them as bases instead of split apart biscuits
    – I left out the banana liqueur for a more subtle, natural banana flavor
    – I substituted whipped cream instead of ice cream and I loved it. Ice cream is far too sweet for me when combined with the sugary sauce (but I lack a sweet tooth, so that’s just me).

    Now…go ahead and get started!

  4. I’ve had a busy week, I hope to catch up and make the shortcakes this week. One of the things I was working on was a guest post for “Frosting for the Cause” yesterday ( Since I’m a newbie blogger, and it was my first time to do something like this, I spent a LOT of time on it!! I’m looking forward to everyone joining me in doing the Caesar Salad Pizza this week!

  5. I was crazy busy last week and didn’t get to make the shortcakes. I’m going to try to get to them sometime this week. Looking forward to the Caesar Salad Pizzas!

  6. My post will be up tomorrow:

    Not a fan of the shortcake base but the sauce, bananas, and ice cream was pretty fabulous. And I have this huge bottle of banana liqueur so I’m always happy to find a use for it 🙂

  7. A bit late but here’s my post. I’ve made the sauce twice since I actually made the full recipe. I could go without the shortcakes but will definitely keep the sauce recipe.


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