Project: Ground Beef Gorditas

Amanda’s selection for this week’s Project Pastry Queen challenge is Ground Beef Gorditas. If you have any questions, tips, advice, etc., leave it in the comments here.

And come back on Sunday and leave the link to your blog post to show us your take on the dish!

4 Comments to “Project: Ground Beef Gorditas”

  1. Delicious! Mine deflated though, after it cooled. Is it suppose to stay puffed up like Indian flat bread?

  2. Mine flopped. I tossed two attempts at the gorditas and threw in the towel before I even started the filling. Maybe next time!

  3. I didn’t have time to go through the whole pan-frying then deep-frying gorditas, but I definitely wanted to finally try a homemade taco meat seasoning recipe that didn’t involve opening an envelope and dumping it into the pan. I’d also been wanting to try making baked tortilla bowls, so all around this ended up being a quick, win-win recipe!

  4. I really liked these! I do recommend drinking 2 margaritas AFTER you’ve made the gorditas! 🙂

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