Project: Jubilation Granola Chews

Amanda’s  selection for this week’s challenge is: Jubilation Granola Chews. If you have any questions, tips, advice, etc., leave it in the comments here.

And come back on Sunday and leave the link to your blog post to show us your take on the dish!

7 Comments to “Project: Jubilation Granola Chews”

  1. I made these a bit early as a snack for a trip we’re taking tomorrow. They are awesome and worth all the ingredients. Of course, I also added some chocolate.

    A few suggestions:
    -cut back on a bit of the sugar, syrup or honey – they are REALLY sweet
    -add a tad more salt (maybe 1/2 – 1 tsp more)
    -toast the oatmeal separately as they could have used a few more minutes but the other items would have burned

  2. My bars didn’t hold together for some reason. But it’s good crumbled over yogurt 🙂

  3. When I read the recipe I knew they would have too much honey for me, so I increased the maple syrup and used agave nectar instead of honey. They taste great. When I first turned them out of the pan to cut them, they seemed a little loose so I put them back in the pan and really pressed them firmly, and let sit another hour or so before cutting them, which helped a lot.

  4. I adjusted this recipe a lot. Decreased the brown sugar, used corn syrup instead of the maple, and nixed almost all the mix-ins to make it more trail mix-y (added M&Ms, peanuts, peanut butter chips, and chocolate chips). Oh, and I subbed Biscoff for the peanut butter. Definitely less healthy but yum!

  5. Really, really glad I made these for our trip! Don’t miss this post…I had a surprise planned for all of you that sadly never happened.

  6. We really liked this picks pick. I did what Emily of Ruf Love recommended with using one tray since I wanted to save on dishes. I will be making these again for any trip we make. I wrapped each one individual for a snack on the go. What a great pick Amanda!

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