The Final Project: American Beauty Cake

Shawnda’s selection for this week’s – the last week! – Project Pastry Queen Challenge is a rewind: The American Beauty Cake.

5 Comments to “The Final Project: American Beauty Cake”

  1. It’s done. And my kitchen is a complete mess:

    I’ve been thinking of doing PPQ Part II in a few months, after a break, and working up a different format using the Pastry Queen Parties book. If you’ve never seen the book, it has 6-themed menus (chapters) with ~15 recipes each (check out the TOC preview on Amazon for an idea).

  2. A perfect recipe for coming back to the blogging world and to wrap up PPQ. It’s been fun!

    My husband referred to PPQ as “The Fancy Lady Blog” this evening. When I laughed at him, he said “Queens are fancy so that’s where it came from.” Haha!! Hope you’ve enjoyed being a ‘fancy lady’.

  3. What a great recipe. So rich!!

    I like the part II idea, I was wondering what was coming up next!

  4. Since this was the last posting, I decided to remake it. However, I took A Gilt of Nutmeg Emily’s suggestion to use peanut butter. I also made it in mini size since it is so rich. Thank you Shawnda. This has been a lot of fun.

  5. Hi Ladies, I apologize for being absent this past month. Life has been too busy for me to do much baking and I’ve done no blogging. It has been a true pleasure to be a part of PPQ and getting to know you all through your amazing blogs. Thank you Shawnda for shepherding this project through to the end.
    And, I’d love to do a part II. The Parties book has some great stuff in it.

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